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December 14, 2012

2012: Dance. Dance. Otherwise, we are lost.

“Dance. Dance. Otherwise, we are lost.” ~~Pina Bausch

I haven't been this passionate about anything since Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams, which I relentlessly hounded people to see for weeks. (I saw Forgotten Dreams in 3D but not Pina.) 2011’s Pina is PHENOMENAL! This film, of a suite of dances, is Wim Wenders' and her dance troupe's tribute to Pina Bausch, the German dancer and choreographer who died in 2009 -- an exploration of pain and joy, need and rejection, the cycle of human life within the cycle of nature, the insecurity of the child within each of us, our basest animal natures and raw animality, our profoundest spiritual essence and creative transcendence. It is, in short, about love.

“No, there was no hurricane that swept across the stage, there were just…people performing who moved differently than I knew and who moved me as I had never been moved before. After only a few moments I had a lump in my throat, and after a few minutes of unbelieving amazement I simply let go of my feelings and cried unrestrainedly. This had never happened to me before…maybe in life, sometimes in the cinema, but not when watching a rehearsed production, let alone choreography. This was not theatre, nor pantomime, nor ballet and not at all opera. Pina is, as you know, the creator of a new art. Dance theatre.

"…What treasure lies within the body, to be able to express itself without words, and how many stories can be told without saying a single sentence.” ~~Wim Wenders

Charlie Rose interviews Wim Wenders on Pina.
The interview will take a mere 15 minutes of your time. WATCH IT! Make EVERY EFFORT to see this profound masterpiece.

A.O. Scott’s NYT review contains a slide show, and a clip from the film, but nothing can compare to seeing the entirety in its glory.

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