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February 14, 2010

2009: POSTSCRIPT - The Dead Zone

For a movie goer, this is the most frustrating time of year in San Antonio. There were three weeks after Christmas when there were no new relealeses here. Then schlock. Then the Super Bowl weekend, so, again, no new releases. Finally Crazy Heart opened with, to my mind, much disappointment. So much build-up; so little to deliver.

Again, a San Antonio frustration. I drove to see the documentary La Danse: The Paris Ballet Theater, which was scheduled for a single daily showing (for what I am sure is only a single week) at 2:15. When I arrived at the theater it was showing only at 8:40 p.m. The justification, says the management, was that they had to reschedule at the last minute because of changes in the Jewish film festival. So either one I would have planned for, La Danse OR the Jewish Film Festival, I would have been there at the wrong time. C'est la vie.